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In April 2023, Mark and Diane bought their dream home in Darwin, a village in the United Kingdom. They paid more than €370,000 for the house, but a year later, the house is still uninhabitable. “Three weeks after we got the key, we noticed little black dots. They were fungus beetles,” sighs Mark Jackson at KameraOne.

Last year, Mark (59) and Diane (61) sold their home to their daughter and together they began searching for their dream home. They found him in Darwin, or so they thought. However, purchasing them turned into a real nightmare. “We noticed little black dots. When I took a picture, I initially thought they were larvae. “In the end it turned out to be fungus beetles,” says Mark. “These creatures were everywhere in the house. On the floor, on the windows, in every room.

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These beetles live in very humid environments. When the couple removes some drywall, they notice black mold. “The project developer says it is our fault, but that is not true. Because we were not going to move right away and we have not used central heating yet. According to various studies, this is not true. We even contacted the National Housing Company, and they also agree with us.”

A year later, the house is still uninhabitable. Mark and Diane are now paying off their loan and renting temporary accommodation. “We have already lost a lot of money. The developer should just correct his mistake, but he refuses to do so at the moment. Hopefully we can actually move on in a few months.”

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