look. Chilling GoPro video shows how a skier in the French Alps suddenly fell meters deep into a gorge | More sports

Off the ski slopes, danger lurks everywhere, even for experienced skiers. Just ask a group of French friends. While descending in La Meije (French Alps) they were suddenly surprised by a huge valley which was hidden under a layer of fresh powder. The man could not stop in time and fell several meters deep. Miraculously, he was not hurt.

look. A skier suddenly falls through a crack in a snowy fjord

The above photos were taken with a skier’s helmet-mounted GoPro camera. The video shows how a man was suddenly surprised by a huge hole that was under a layer of snow. He dived meters deep, until he finally stopped via one of his sleds. A bone-chilling moment, because the man could have delved much deeper.

The video was shared via an Instagram account that the skater shared with some friends. It is said to be fine. “We’re not sharing these photos to create a ‘fuss’, but to show that everyone can be surprised, including experienced skiers who know an iceberg like the back of their hand, the way it looks.

“The gap was only visible at the very last moment and not a single person was able to stop in time. Fortunately, we were all well equipped with shovels, ropes, metal tools and ice axes and were able to help our friend back.”

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