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In the Chinese city of Changsha, they have had intelligent tank robots since last week. With the robot, the driver no longer needs to get out. The machine opens the cap, removes the fuel cap, and fills the tank on its own. The entire process is completed within two minutes. According to Sinopec, the company behind this technology, the refueling robot not only saves you effort, but also saves you time.

look. Is this the future? A robot that fills your fuel tank in just two minutes

It looks like futuristic imagery, as the robot opens the fuel filler cap, pours in fuel and then neatly closes everything back up. With one tap on your smartphone, you can move the mechanical arms and after just two minutes the tank is completely filled.

Also in other countries

This principle has already been around for some time, and in 2008 the first refueling robot was installed in the Netherlands. The robot, developed by Rotec Engineering, uses existing pumps. The robot costs about 75,000 euros. “The pump guy is already back,” Henk Hoffmann of Rotec Engineering said at the time. “It’s very convenient to refuel this way.”

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Other countries have now also specialized in tank robots. Autofuel, a Danish company, owns several automated fuel stations in Scandinavia. According to Jonas Thor Olsen, partner and CEO of the Danish company, it provides benefits to the customer, the gas station and the energy company. Traffic at gas pump will become smoother and customers will spend more money at gas station store.

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In recent years, Chinese companies have also focused on automatic refueling. Many things have been improved, so it now only takes about two minutes to refuel the car. It remains to be seen whether it will also spread in our country.

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