look. The dog of the President of Moldova bites the President of Austria during a state visit News

The dog of Moldova’s President Maia Sandu has caused a notable “diplomatic” incident. Alexander van der Bellen, Federal President of Austria, tried to pet the animal during an official visit to the country. The dog didn’t appreciate it. He responded by biting.


According to Austrian media, Federal President Alexander van der Bellen is a big fan of dogs. Since Wednesday, he has been visiting the Republic of Moldova, a country that hopes to join the European Union in 2030. The Austrian president’s visit was part of the rapprochement between the two countries.

When Sandu officially received the Austrian president, in front of television cameras and journalists, she went to her dog and petted it. Alexander van der Bellen leaned over and tried to do the same. However, the dog, a golden retriever, jumped out and bit the president’s hand.

“How, how, how”

“How, how, how,” shouted the Moldova president, and Van der Bellen quickly withdrew his hand. Sandu then calmed her dog, while Van der Bellen also remained very calm. He did not suffer any serious injuries – and the plaster on his hand turned out to be sufficient.

This isn’t the first time a dog has stolen the show during a state visit. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in particular, is famous for his tricks with dogs.

Putin vs. Merkel

In 2007, for example, Putin used his dog to scare German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Putin knew that Merkel did not want to know anything about dogs. The photos clearly showed Merkel’s discomfort, and Putin seemed happy with the situation.

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