Lords of the Fallen is roughly 25/30 hours long, and features multiple endings – these are the games

Hexworks’ Lords of the Fallen will be released in October and will introduce fans of action RPGs to the likes of Dark Souls. How long do you expect it to last, especially since the world is five times larger than the first game? Speaking to MP1st, studio head Saul Gascon confirmed that it takes about 25 hours for those who know what they’re doing, and 30 hours for newcomers.

“The single-player experience for us, we know all about enemy skins, we know all about them, we think about 25 hours. For a new player, it’s about 30 hours or more.” Creative director Cesare Virtuoso added, “Because the program space The tutorial is over an hour and a half. For us, it’s 25 minutes at most. I have about 30 hours or something.” Gascon also confirmed, “30 plus, more or less.” Of course, there are also three different endings depending on which class you choose, which adds to the replayability. “In addition to the different classes, so you want to try different types of character building and so on,” said Gascon. “Plus there’s a new Game Plus. We have many surprises in store for players. Just a quick explanation, you’ve seen (referring to our hands-on experience) That you’ve always had ancient relics, they’re there. You have Vestige seedlings that you can build yourself.” So in New Game Plus, there’s only one ancient relic, all the rest are gone, and it’s in the center, and whatever relic you want you have to build yourself. This means mastery of the environment itself.” Relics are equivalent to Bonfires in the game and can be used for fast travel, leveling up, and resting. Interestingly, Lords of the Fallen originally only had one Relic, but while Veterans like Souls were among Testers are happy, they’ve shared with others who really don’t have the same enthusiasm.”We’ve kept that original vision, but only for New Game Plus.”There are also a few “additional surprises” to discover, as Lords of the Fallen will be released on October 13th. For Xbox Series X / S, PS5 and PC.

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