Loretta Shriver on health: I won’t be the same anymore

Loretta Shriver settled down on Wednesday morning coffee time He gave an update on her health. For the first time in a long time, the 65-year-old presenter is still recovering. Unfortunately, this recovery is a little more difficult than expected, she said. “There are some complications.”

By the way, she was not present in her role as a presenter, but to talk about the Friends Lottery Museum award.

Complications after major surgery

Loretta announced in June that she had been diagnosed with early bowel cancer. After two operations, the stain was removed. But about half a year later, the presenter still had complications. “I am recovering, but there are some complications holding him back,” Loretta said Wednesday morning. coffee time. “I’ve had two major surgeries and not everything has been so good so far. I spend a good portion of the day on it.”

No longer old Loretta

By slowly picking up some work again, like disguised singerLoretta hopes to return to her old self. But she says, “This is a setback, because I’m not going to be that anymore. Now I have to deal with that so I don’t become the old Loretta again. Well a Older Loretta. And that I have to adapt my life to the kind of disability I have now. I’m doing my best for it.”

When Loretta returns as coffee timePresenter, so she can’t say yet. She needs time and rest. We wish her all the best. You can watch the interview with Loretta who was cheerful after all, look back here.

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