Love Actually should win the hearts of British voters

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A well-known scene from a Christmas movie Love indeed Political parties in the United Kingdom use it as a way to win over voters. Two days later, parliamentary elections will be held in the country.

Even more surprising is the Tory version. The ad begins with a bored couple sitting on the couch watching another TV ad about the upcoming election. “I’m completely fed up,” the woman says. “They argue all the time, they just have to do it,” he said, referring to the row over Brexit.

Then the doorbell rings. The woman opens the door and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is at the door. “Shhh,” Johnson said as he showed a sign asking the woman to pretend he was coming to sing Christmas carols. The Prime Minister then presents the texts that should convince women to vote for him.

Boris Johnson in a ‘Love Actually’ parody: Let’s get Brexit sorted

The ad is a parody of a well-known scene from a movie Love indeed From 2003. In it, a man (played by Andrew Lincoln) tells a romantic story to a woman (played by Keira Knightley) through text panels.

Johnson also tells a story in the commercial, although it is much less romantic than it was in the film. “With any luck, we will have completed Brexit next year (if Parliament doesn’t block it again),” one banner read.

Watch the original clip from Love Actually below:

Here’s Labour’s version:

Incidentally, not only did Labor copy Johnson’s video, but Johnson himself got the idea from someone else.

Last month, Labor candidate Rozina Allin-Khan posted an election video based on Love indeed. Today’s version of Johnson describes it as a “scam”.

Here’s Rosina Alyn-Khan’s version:

Actor Hugh Grant, a staunch opponent of Brexit, also starred Love indeedHe responded to Johnson’s version on BBC Radio 4. He asked whether the ad had deliberately omitted a text tag from the original film stating You Always Tell the Truth at Christmas. “Maybe they didn’t think it would be useful to show this banner in Boris Johnson’s hands after all,” Grant said.

Watch the actor’s full response here:

By the way, Johnson’s version is still missing an important scene from the original. While the man in the film is kissed intimately by the woman after the performance with text marks present, this is not the case with Johnson.

No one comes after the Prime Minister. Finally, Johnson looked at the camera again and said, “Enough. Let’s get this done.” Then he goes out of sight.

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