Love in the Vaccination Hall: Max (41) fell on his head because of his prick, and now he’s looking for her | The best thing on the web

Max, what happened on Saturday?
“I got to the show booth and found a friendly lady with red hair curly in a ponytail. It was so fun the three minutes I sat there. I laughed at my bad jokes and took her a needle. Later I kept thinking: It was a really nice and smooth conversation, I’d like To see her again. On Sunday evening, I jokingly posted a message on Twitter asking if there was an app GGDaten (Municipal Health Service; editor). A nice message in between all the grim news of these weeks.”


I’d like to have a cup of coffee with her sometime

the above

A day later, Twitter exploded.
My sister sent me a message saying I’d like to see this beautiful lady again, but with no needles around. It just went viral. Even GGD responded with a nice message. They hope the twitching lady reads that call, because of course they can’t share her data Because of privacy. I haven’t found her yet.”

She has red hair, but what did she look like, too?
“It all happened so fast in those few minutes. I don’t remember exactly. Of course I turned a quarter turn and we were wearing mouthguards. It’s also hard for me to estimate her age, which could be between 20 and 40. She’ll probably read my call and let her know who she was, but of course I don’t know if she was interested at all. If this meeting had taken place in a bar, I would definitely have wanted to talk to her for a while longer. I’d like to have a cup of coffee with her sometime. We’ll see how it turns out.”

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