Macron calls on Iran to immediately stop supporting Russia

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on Saturday morning for an unannounced visit. He also met with President Volodymyr Zelensky and promised more Canadian support.

Trudeau announced during a press conference with Zelensky that Canada will participate in the international coalition to train Ukrainian fighter pilots, which also includes Belgium. The country also provides 500 million Canadian dollars (about 350 million euros) in military aid to Ukraine.

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He also mentioned that his country seized a Russian Antonov cargo plane that landed in Canada last year. The plane is transferred to Ukraine.

The Prime Minister of Canada also blamed Russia for the destruction of the Nova Kachovka Dam, which caused severe flooding. “There is no doubt in our opinion that the destruction of the dam is a direct result of the Russian decision to invade the country,” he said. But he does not say that Russia was responsible for the explosion that destroyed the dam. Both Russia and Ukraine deny responsibility for the blast.

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Earlier in the day, Trudeau laid a wreath near a wall depicting the faces of Kiev’s fallen soldiers. The Prime Minister also visited an exhibition of wrecked military vehicles.

Deputy Defense Minister Oleksandr Polishchuk gave Trudeau a bag containing shrapnel from a missile that fell on the port city of Odessa. “It’s a little reminder of how Ukraine has withstood the Russian missile attacks,” Polishchuk said in English.

Trudeau also met a group of Ukrainian soldiers who were training in Canada. Colonel Petro Ostapchuk told the press that the troops are training snipers, engineers and young commanders. “It is a great honor to meet the prime minister,” said the colonel. Polishchuk added that he personally thanked the prime minister for the Canadian assistance.

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Canada, home to many Ukrainians, is one of Kyiv’s main allies. Ottawa has sent significant military aid, including Leopard tanks, to Ukraine and has trained over 36,000 Ukrainian soldiers. The country has also imposed several sanctions on Russia.

Trudeau was already in Ukraine in May 2022. Then he visited the hard-hit city of Irpin. His visit on Saturday comes as Moscow reported violent attacks by Ukraine on its positions in the south and east of the country. They may be part of a major counteroffensive that Kiev announced months ago. (Belgium)

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