MagSafe Battery Pack now charges your iPhone faster: Here’s how to update

MagSafe Battery Pack is a power bank that you can click on the back of your iPhone. This way you can extend the battery life of your device. A firmware update now makes this charging faster.

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MagSafe Battery Pack can now charge faster

If you’re charging your iPhone wirelessly, it usually happens at up to 7.5W. Usually, because Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack was an exception with 5 W. Until now, because Apple released a firmware update that makes the battery pack charge your iPhone faster.

If you want to charge with 7.5W, you should use MagSafe battery pack Update to the latest firmware,” Apple wrote on their updated support page. The firmware update will start automatically after you connect the battery to your iPhone. The update may take about a week after that, according to Apple.

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A week is a very long time, but Apple makes it clear that there is also a faster way. By connecting the Battery Pack to your Mac or iPad using a Lightning to USB cable, it takes about five minutes to update the firmware. After that, charging is 7.5 watts instead of 5 watts.

Do I already have the update?

The firmware you need for faster charging is version 2.7. You can check if the update is completed on your iPhone:

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app;
  2. Press “General Information>”;
  3. Select “MagSafe Battery Pack”.

MagSafe Battery Pack is only compatible with iPhone 12– And iPhone 13Models. They have a magnetic ring on the inside (MagSafe), with which you can click the Battery Pack on the back of the device, as it were.

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