Make money by becoming more sustainable? It always costs money

“Make money is a big word. Investments should always be made,” explains Cindy Kramer, Managing Director of Vereniging Eigen Huis. “The point is, there is still a lot that is not clear. It is not guaranteed that you will make money.”

The heat pump is the last piece.

According to Kramer, a number of things play a role. “The measures you take to reduce energy consumption are always a smart thing to do. Then you talk about insulation and solar panels. The heat pump can be the last piece.”

If you want an all-electric heat pump, your home must be well insulated. If not, you will not heat the house with a heat pump. You can also opt for a hybrid heat pump, since your home is still partially connected to gas.

Do you deserve to come back?

According to the consultancy, the heat pump will pay for itself in ten years and the device will last an average of fifteen years. According to Kramer, it remains to be seen if this is indeed the case.

“We don’t know that yet. You have a technical life and an economic life. These devices are still in development. These prices are going down and there are some subsidies available. It could be an interesting solution, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, we don’t know What will energy prices do in the coming years?

Does it fit in my house?

Whether a heat pump or a hybrid heat pump is a good purchase for you, according to Kramer, depends primarily on your personal circumstances. “It depends on whether you have a large portfolio and how much your sustainability value is.”

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If you need to borrow money to buy a heat pump, Kramer advises insulating the house first. “You can take advantage of this right away and you can do it in small steps. Start with the roof insulation, then the cavity insulation and so on.”

According to Kramer, making money from sustainability is tough anyway. “It always costs money. Energy transfer will cost money. For example, the power grids have to be strengthened. Somewhere we have these costs to choose us. And in the end we also pay the subsidies together.”

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