Mallorca lifeguards go on strike: “If there are deaths due to swimming, it is not our fault” | for travel

Lifeguards at some popular beaches on the Spanish island of Majorca will go on an indefinite strike from Sunday. A spokesperson for their union said on Friday: “None of us will work. If there are deaths due to swimming, it is not our fault.”

The strike affected all the beaches in the municipality of Palma, including the famous Balerman beach. People are allowed to go to sea, but it is at their own risk. Lifeguards usually supervise it from 11 am to 7 pm.

Last year, the rescuers also threatened to strike, but then an agreement was reached with the municipality, which promised an increase in wages and a longer season. This means, among other things, that lifeguards will start working from April, but this year the season started again only in May.

According to the lifeguards’ union, the salary increase did not materialize, nor did the promised improvements to the lifeguards’ facilities.

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