Mallorca police find two bodies after the disappearance of the sailors | outside

Two bodies have been discovered on the coast of Majorca. This was reported by the Spanish island police. It is not yet clear if these are the two missing Germans.

A 53-year-old father and his 19-year-old son boarded the Macan-Engen, a Frankfurt-registered sailing vessel, on August 27. They left the island of Menorca and were on their way to Cala d’Or in Majorca, about 90 kilometers away. Bad weather was predicted, but they ignored this warning.


Their relatives lost contact with them during the day and alerted the authorities. Naval and air searches yielded nothing.

At the same time, two bodies were spotted. One of them has already been saved. DNA analysis is being performed because the corpse can no longer be visually identified. Police said the test results are expected within two to three weeks.

wild sea

The first body was discovered by passers-by on Sunday evening near the bay of Cala Morlanda. Because the sea was very rough, the police were unable to retrieve the body immediately. And it didn’t happen until a day later, in the cove of Cala Falco.

The second body was seen on Monday evening in Port Cristo, between Cala Morlanda and Cala Falco. Since the conditions at sea were not favorable again, the police were still involved in the operation.

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