Mark Rutte: Unfortunately, the differences between the coalition parties on immigration cannot be overcome

European media are quick to report the downfall of the Dutch government on the issue of immigration. German newspaper picture reports it Holland needed And the Italian news agency ANSA reports that one of Europe’s longest-serving prime ministers is due to immigration problems soaked. The news agency explained that Prime Minister Mark Rutte led his fourth government, and the proposed restrictions on the number of immigrants were fatal for him due to the resistance of the “liberal D66 and Calvinist CU”.

The Italian analyst seems to admire the intransigence of the Christian Union and states that in the government crisis in the Netherlands, The Calvinist trench did not fall, but the government from Ruth.

The message in the European press is, according to media reports, that the Dutch prime minister has been killed in the immigration battle. Many German media see the country heading towards new elections. Belgian latest news It indicates that after 543 days the fourth Rutte government will end and that the 56-year-old Rutte has been prime minister for at least thirteen years.

Provincial elections were also called in March, with Rutte’s ruling coalition suffering heavy losses.

France Press agency
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