Mars’ atmosphere could provide air for humans to breathe, according to NASA Sciences

Air can be extracted from the Martian atmosphere so that humans can breathe it. This is evidenced by an experiment conducted by NASA on the Red Planet. The atmosphere contains the elements necessary to provide air that is not toxic to us.

The air on Mars contains mainly carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon. With this configuration, life as we know it cannot continue. But there are also other gases, such as oxygen and hydrogen. In sufficient quantities they can support life.

The mobile Martian robot Perseverance carried a small bag that repeatedly extracted air molecules from the atmosphere. These combined molecules formed a small but stable source of oxygen.

The square enclosure, called MOXIE, did a great job, according to NASA researcher Pam Milroy. “MOXIE’s performance shows that it is possible to extract oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. This oxygen can be used by future astronauts.”

The oxygen generator experiment may allow expansion of Mars missions and human exploration missions may also be considered in the future. The development of these technologies could also contribute to long-term lunar exploration, for example.

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