Maxima talks about the relationship between money and health concerns

Queen Maxima attended the Money Wise Symposium. Maxima, the platform’s honorary president, spoke there with Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra, among others, about the relationship between financial concerns and health.

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Two experts also discussed through experience the consequences of financial stress situations on their lives and health. In this conversation with these and other experts, Maxima was informed of the physical and mental impact of money problems. For example, debts can lead to physical and mental complaints and financial concerns are often accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle.

At the end of the meeting, advice was also given that organizations could use that assistance for financially vulnerable people. This “fan of ten building blocks” was previously an initiative of Máxima during the Money Wise seminar in 2020. In it, participants were asked questions about how to improve support for financially vulnerable people and how organizations can better work together.

As Honorary Chair of the Money Wise platform, the Queen draws attention to financial education and the rational use of money. On the platform, partners from the financial sector, science, government, information organizations and consumers work together to promote financial ‘fitness’ in the Netherlands.


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