Mayor Protges’ health advances cautiously

Hilversum’s mayor, Peter Proteus, who suffers from encephalitis, is slowly improving. Hilversum municipality reported this. There is “cautious optimism” about his recovery.

Mayor Broertjes was rejected a week ago I am urgently hospitalized Due to a serious infection, which later turned out to be encephalitis.

The treatment for this encephalitis – to be precise encephalitis – is now ongoing. The municipality now says, “There are clear signs of recovery and progress with the mayor. The treatment will continue and rehabilitation will begin as soon as possible.”

However, this does not mean that mayor Broertjes will return anytime soon. The mayor’s full recovery is expected to take at least another two months.

The family is grateful for supporting Hilversummers

Since it became known that Mayor Broertjes is in the hospital, Hilverspiers is wary of sending too many cards and flowers. In addition, churches and mosques were opened for a few days to light a candle for the mayor.

The mayor’s family says it has been deeply affected by the support of the Hilverspiers’ family. “The mayor would like to extend an unbelievable thanks to everyone for the many statements of support. Every statement of support gives the mayor, but we as a family too, real support and strength,” said the mayor’s wife.

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