McLaren takes Balu to court after contract dispute

Spanish Indycar driver Alex Ballou has recently caused a huge riot. He decided he didn’t want to play for the team in 2024 McLaren while the contracts were already completed. The then McLaren and Baloo management reacted in disappointment and it now looks like McLaren will go to court.

Palou currently drives an Indycar for the Chip Ganassi Racing team. Last year it looked like he was going to leave this team and drive for McLaren in the same class in 2023. After a long struggle, he decided to stay with Ganassi, but he would move to McLaren in 2024. So he decided to cancel this contract and his future plans are still unclear, even he A switch to Formula 1 is not ruled out.

IndyStar report McLaren is now taking action. According to the medium, McLaren has filed a lawsuit against Ballou and the parent company of Chip Ganassi Racing. They have filed several lawsuits in the UK. The lawsuits will not revolve around Ballou having to comply with the contract. According to IndyStar, the business is mainly about the money, and McLaren is asking for a huge amount of money from Palou and the Chip Ganassi Racing team.

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