McPlant™ will have a permanent place on McDonald’s menu

After a successful pilot last year, McDonald’s Netherlands offers its guests McPlant™ permanently on the menu. McPlant™ was developed in partnership with Beyond Meat® and is made from ingredients such as pea protein, rice protein, potatoes and beets. With McPlant™ we offer guests even more variety on the menu. Last year, the burger was already tentatively on the menu in the Netherlands. The reintroduction is in line with McDonald’s strategy to expand its menu offering to guests by offering more plant-based options.

Since McDonald’s first introduced the McPlant™ in 2020, the burger has gone on to conquer more and more markets, launching in Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland. In the Netherlands, last year’s temporary introduction of the McPlant™ was so successful that the burger is now returning to the menu permanently.

Stijn Mentrop, Marketing Director of McDonald’s Netherlands, is pleased with McPlant™’s permanent place on the menu: “We think it’s important to move in line with the preferences of our guests who expect more variety. We’ve long offered delicious alternatives to chicken with our vegetable products, and now we’re doing the same for beef. During the tentative launch last year, we received many positive reactions from our guests about the taste of McPlant™. To make it easy for guests, we offer McPlant™ at competitive prices on our app.

To create the McPlant™, McDonald’s has entered into a global partnership with Beyond Meat®, which has made the burger a preferred supplier to McDonald’s. Made from pea protein, rice protein, potatoes and beets, the burger delivers the classic McDonald’s taste that guests know and love. The burger also features a bun with tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, mustard, sandwich sauce and ketchup. Cheddar processed cheese is also added. McPlant™ does not have a vegetarian or vegan quality mark in the Netherlands, but it is a delicious option for flexible-minded guests who want to eat less (beef) meat per day. McPlant™ will be available in Dutch restaurants from Tuesday 4 October.

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