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The biomarkers found in sweat can tell doctors more and more about our health. Just can’t measure all sweat yet.

What you see forming on the skin after a few vigorous workouts isn’t really a problem for the sensors there, but another type of sweat is. The alternative that leaves the skin as water vapor. Much less than this leaves the body, even when you are not exercising.

According to researchers, this type of sweat provides important knowledge about the condition of the skin and basic processes in the body. Think eczema and wound healing, but even pain and fear.

To be able to measure this type of perspiration, the researchers developed a new sensor that can stick to the skin like a plaster. The sensor consists of a super absorbent hydrogel on a porous material sandwiched between two layers of waterproof fabric. In this way, sweat vapor can easily reach the sensor, but it is not affected by sweat droplets.

Initial tests with humans appear to be good, the researchers said. What exactly they want to measure remains unknown.

Read more about the search here: The ultra-hydrophobic biosensor can measure sweat vapors on the body.

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