Medicine / Health, Disease | The number of injuries increases after Ekstremsportveko in Voss

The number of infected people who visited Ekstremsportveko in Voss has now risen to ten. All cases are delta variable.

At 2 p.m., the NTB was told that four people had been infected. It will be Wednesday night Bergens Tidende It was reported that ten people contracted the coronavirus after they were in Ekstremsportveko.

None of the five live in Voss, but they live in different municipalities in eastern Norway.

– We know that Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Gran, Berom and Lestrom have been affected, Medical Director Eastin Johannes Haug told the newspaper.

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The injured returned to their home municipalities, where the first infection was detected.

– It’s a little sport. In this group, the patient was visiting from a municipality in the east, which led to many cases of infection, the mayor says.

It is listed as a problem with the delta variable.

The festival disseminated information about the outbreak Facebook-kant.

– There was an injury among the participants in this year’s Extreme Sports Week. Nearby contacts must have been connected or are calling now. They write that they must follow the rules and recommendations.

They also ask participants and guests to watch for any symptoms and instead test themselves more often than usual.

Extreme Sports Week took place from 27 June to 4 July.

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