Metal Slug Tactics brings the love of Advance Wars to the Nintendo Switch

This week, Nintendo showed off a lot of great games coming to the Nintendo Switch during its Indie World show. We’ve already mentioned a few, but we definitely don’t want to withhold metal slug tactics from you.

In the title, I associate Metal Slug Tactics with Advance Wars. The GBA classic will be re-released on the Nintendo Switch at the end of this year. But this is a new tactical game, and it seems to be worth checking out as well.

Metal Slug Tactics in Nintendo Switch

Metal Slug Tactics works for both Nintendo Switch and PC. No other platforms are mentioned at this time. It’s a tactical spin-off on the action-packed arcade game, which received a lot of parts. In those games, you will walk from left to right and take care of many different enemies that you come across along the way. The game is made by French studio Leikir and published by DotEmu. This studio has already given a lot of games from the past a new touch of paint or taken to make a new one out of them. It looks like that’s what this game will be like.

Metal Slug Tactics looks especially interesting to me on the Nintendo Switch, because you can play it anytime, anywhere and also do a task every time. It is important in the game to place your forces tactically and deal with various enemies in a logical way. You can work with well-known characters such as Marco, Tarma, Fio and Eri. Although it is a very different game from what you are used to from the series, it is good to see that the game is visually similar to the old titles.

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Looking at the trailer like that, there seems to be a lot of variety. In addition to the regular enemies, you also have to deal with the famous tanks and there is also a huge robot at the end, which looks like a boss fight. In short, it’s a game to look forward to. Want to read more about everything that runs on the Nintendo Switch? Then visit the overview page here.

The best GBA game is getting a re-release on Nintendo Switch

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Metal Slug Tactics brings the love of Advance Wars to the Nintendo Switch

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