Mi A2 (Lite) will no longer receive updates

Xiaomi Mi A2 (Lite) has not received any updates for months and this conflicts with Xiaomi’s agreements for Android One software. Smartphones with Android One should receive updates for months to come.

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Xiaomi Mi A2 updates have stopped

from Xiaomi Mi A2 On Mi A2 Lite It was released in mid-2018 and is part of the Android One program. Xiaomi signed a contract with Google for this purpose and promised two version updates and three years of regular security updates for smartphones.

These version updates have been rolled out and checked, but Xiaomi still has to roll out the security updates. At least until June this year. Verify Diary He points out, however, that Mi A2 Lite has not received an update since February. The latest update to Mi A2 is back in March.

Xiaomi has yet to provide a reason not to release updates for Android One devices for several months. Android Planet Xiaomi has requested clarification and will update this article when we receive a response.

Xiaomi’s failed Android One adventure

The Mi A2 series’ disappointing update policy fits with Xiaomi’s approach to its Android One adventure. The manufacturer got it wrong several times in recent years with updates to its Android One smartphones, including I am A1. In addition to the new features, these updates also introduced major bugs, making them one step forward and two steps back.

With th Mi A3 Xiaomi made it brighter. The Mi A3 update to Android 10 It was such a big problem that the manufacturer had to pull the update. And this year the same thing happened when Mi A3 Android 11 Received. This update broke the smartphone. The plans for Mi A4 with Android One were thrown in the trash last year, according to the Xiaomi Forum.

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Xiaomi also sells smartphones without Android One software. They come with their MIUI cover and have been receiving updates for at least two years.

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