Micah Grace Kelly is fighting for his identity

In 2006 Mika released his first single, Relax, Take It Easy. The Lebanese singer narrates in 2012 BBC Radio 1 That he really wants a contract, because he wants to be able to make a living from his music. But the musical future of the 23-year-old artist is not yet certain.

When he knocks on the record labels door, he is “not independent enough” but also “not showy enough”. Labels insist that Mika adjust his voice. In terms of looks and sound, they wanted the singer to flip more on Craig David, who was very popular in the UK at the time.

Grace Kelly

Disappointed, angry, and inspired, Micah returns home, where he vents his frustrations at Grace Kelly. “I wrote the song and said, I can be any color you want. What the hell do you want me to be?” According to the singer, the labels don’t know exactly what they want from him. “You never know what you want, so I can be any color of the rainbow.” With that in mind, Grace Kelly singled out; Mika can pretend to be anyone, including princess and world famous actress. Not only is American Grace used by name by Mika, her voice can also be heard in the song. Audio clips from her performance in the movie country girl From 1954.

Mika’s bold move turned out to be a golden move. With Grace Kelly, the singer-songwriter hit #1 at home and abroad. In December 2007, the singer said Music Monitor Monthly that recording such a massive hit seems “pretty surreal”. “It’s just a song I wrote in my room.” But then, “Just a Song” ironically got him that coveted contract.

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Familiar face

Grace Kelly music video directed by Sophie Muller. She has previously worked with Gwen Stefani and Beyonc√©, among others. In the clip, Mika sings the song to the director’s young niece, who takes care of the lyrics by Grace Kelly. You might not recognize her right away, but the girl at the piano is Holly Mae Mueller. You can tell from her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the United Kingdom in Liverpool.

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