Michael Andretti still hopes for his team: “It’s up to the FIA ​​to give us a chance”

Michael Andretti is still waiting for a response from the FIA ​​on his request to join the Formula 1 team. The son of world champion Mario Andretti has arranged everything, but he is still waiting for the green light from the Motorsport Federation.

Andretti already has all the marginal matters within the sport in order. He is said to have a deal with Renault to buy power units, and he is also looking for a location in the UK. The American previously showed interest in acquiring Alfa Romeo, but did not reach it. Creating his own team may cost a lot of money, but Andretti has found financial support and is hoping to secure an agreement from the FIA. Besides a potential Formula 1 team, he is also active in IndyCar, IMSA, Formula E, Australian Supercars and Extreme E.


Bee racer Andretti explains the situation: “While we have to wait, we do a lot of work behind the scenes and prepare ourselves because we should be able to get started.” He’s still, of course, ahead of things, because the American still doesn’t have an agreement from the Motorsports Federation. “We need to take some steps and hope and pray that the FIA ​​will give us a chance to enter.” Andretti must admit that he would have liked to hear something earlier. “We wish we knew now, but unfortunately that is not the case. We hope that it will happen soon,” concludes the 59-year-old former driver.

Formula 1 to USA

If Andretti joins a team in Formula 1, a wish for the sport’s policy makers will be granted. This is how it has long wanted to gain a foothold on American soil. Formula 1 owners have now confirmed that three major races will be held in the United States. In addition, the Netflix series Drive to Survive ensured a massive increase in the popularity of the motorsport royal class. However, a successful driver from the country is still missing.

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