Microsoft claims that the iconic photo in Danamanblin is temporarily undetectable via the “Tank Man” search engine ping, a “human error”

The contestant had hundreds of references to the well-known image via Google Images. But as a result of censorship in China the film is unknown and simply undetectable. The Internet is closely monitored.

A comprehensive monitoring system filters out so-called “sensitive content” such as pornography and political criticism. Everything that appears about the 1989 student protest is being meticulously observed. The Chinese regime calls for censorship of Internet companies and appoints people to do so: it is said to guarantee the stability of the country.

Most search engines and social networks are blocked in the country because they do not follow strict Chinese rules. A VPN connection is already required to bypass that module. Bing is available in China.

The fact that the much-discussed photo could not be found through searches outside China raises questions about possible censorship. After all, some employees who work specifically for Pink on behalf of Microsoft do so from China. Both Microsoft-owned Bing and LinkedIn have admitted to censoring their content in China in the past.

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