Microsoft launches news app built on artificial intelligence Start

MSN, a 25-year-old Microsoft news site, will continue to exist for the time being. Start is not only part of Windows 10 and 11, but can also be used via the website and mobile app for Android and iOS.

Microsoft Start works on the basis of machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can add your interests and location to the app, or even start by just clicking on an article. Then Start brings you news from “more than a thousand publishers around the world”, Writes a company.

If you think the article is good or not so good, you can point it out. You can also choose to rate the publisher. Based on your choices and click behavior, the algorithm learns what you find interesting and what not.

information collection

New articles, weather, and other information cards such as stock prices or sports scores are displayed on the first page of Start. The goal is for Start to gather all the news information you want to know in one place.

According to Microsoft, human moderators will also be involved in the news choices the algorithm makes. How exactly that will work is still not clear. Microsoft fired dozens of journalists from MSN and Microsoft News last year. The company wanted them To replace with artificial intelligence.

in the taskbar

Microsoft Start can be accessed through, and the Microsoft News mobile app will automatically replace the new feed. Windows 10 users find Start on the taskbar under News.

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