Monique struggled with mental health after a break: ‘My body started working against’

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In March, the separation of Monique Westenberg and Andre Hazes appeared. It was a difficult period for Monique. During an Instagram Live, Monique talks candidly about her mental health.

Mental Health Monique

Monique Westenberg and Andre Hazes got back together after a previous breakup, but unfortunately, the relationship did not last again. After the break, Monique had a hard time and told about it during a live broadcast on Instagram. The viewer asks how the influencer dealt with stress. In these jokes Monique: “Were you nervous?”.

The influencer was stressed for sure, due to the breakup, but also due to the loss of several loved ones. “When my grandmother and stepmother and my dog ​​passed away, there was a lot going on around him as well.” Physically, Monique is also beginning to notice fatigue. “I was in pain, became more and more cramped, had no energy and was sleeping badly. My body just started working against me.”

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Dealing with adversity

Despite all the setbacks, Monique remains optimistic. “For me, the glass is never half empty. I have no hate. I only think about love,” she says frankly. Even during the difficult period I tried to maintain a positive outlook and had a coach on hand. “I immediately started mental training, because I couldn’t do it on my own. (…) I started exercising a lot, going for walks with dogs and a lot of love from the people around me because it always helps,” Monique explains.

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Fortunately, Monique is doing much better at the moment. She is now fully enjoying motherhood, little Dre and her dog. Watch the full live broadcast below.

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