More and more people want to learn Korean thanks to the Squid game series

The popularity of the Korean language has grown in recent times. More and more people want to learn the language thanks to the popular Netflix series squid game. Duolingo language app says more and more users want to learn Korean.

All over the world, nearly 8 million users of the app currently want to learn Korean. According to Duolingo, in some countries, including the UK, the number of people interested in the language has increased by 76 percent. In the United States, that’s an increase of at least 40 percent. No specific numbers are known for the Netherlands. In total, about 77 million people speak the Korean language worldwide.

The fastest growing Korean language

According to the app, Korean is the fastest growing language at the moment. Even before the emergence of the Squid Game, more and more people wanted to learn Korean. This is due to the popularity of K-pop and the movie Parasite, which became the first non-English language film to win an Academy Award. But due to the Squid game series, there is currently an “unprecedented peak,” a Duoling spokesperson said. latest news.

Squid is about a mysterious organization that convinces debtors to take part in a series of games for innocent children. Participants get a chance to win $38 million (approximately €33 million).

Squid game unprecedented success

The series was an unprecedented success. In four weeks, more than 142 million people watched Netflix, which is a record number of viewers. In her native South Korea, the series is so popular that internet provider SK Broadband has sued Netflix. Since many people watched the series, which significantly increased network traffic, the provider faced additional costs. So SK Broadband demanded that Netflix contribute to these costs. The judge ruled that the service provider was right. Netflix is ​​currently working with a team of lawyers to find a solution to prevent users from being disadvantaged.

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More and more people want to learn Korean thanks to the Squid game series

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