More details have been revealed about the upcoming changes to Battlefield 2042’s maps and gameplay

Although a large part of the dice It said Although the focus has already shifted to developing the next Battlefield game, the Battlefield 2042 studio has yet to give up. The Next update The game is scheduled to launch later this month and will bring hundreds of changes, according to DICE.

An important aspect that the developer is working on is improving the maps and gameplay flow of Battlefield 2042. A month ago, the developer already shared plan Prior to this and in a new blog post, the Swedish studio discussed it again in detail. One of the criticisms most shared in the community is that it takes so long to get to one of the flags from the spawning base. While it was previously clear that the Kaleidoscope map will be modified for this purpose, DICE has now announced that the revamp will also be redesigned based on criticism. Changes to both maps are scheduled to be rolled out next summer, when the first season of the game begins.

In addition to the newly arranged maps, there are more things that DICE is working on to improve the gameplay flow. For example, we look at how many vehicles can be active during a competition and how they are distributed over the different ‘vehicle groups’. We’re also working on more coverage around the flags, so you’re better protected if you’re looking for a target. Another point of criticism from many players is that the flags are often very chaotic, mainly due to the large number of vehicles. To address this, DICE is working on the following modifications:

  • We are reducing the number of attack vehicles and helicopters that can be active at any time in 128 player modes for each category from 3 to 2. This means that you will only be able to face two tanks and two attack helicopters available at any time. time, instead of 3 each.
  • We are increasing the waiting time for attack vehicles and helicopters from 60 to 120 seconds.
  • As previously discussed, the MD540 Nightbird will be transferred from transport to the attack helicopter category, and the MC5 Bolte will also be transferred from transport to the attack vehicle category.

The modifications described above are not all points that DICE is working on. If you are interested in learning more details and accompanying explanation from the developer, you can read the full blog post here Read. Not all changes will be implemented simultaneously in Battlefield 2042. Several changes related to the vehicle will have to be included in the upcoming update, while changes to the maps as mentioned earlier are expected in the summer with the start of Season 1.

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