More than eighty crows died due to a falling tree in the Netherlands: ‘They were fighting for their lives’ | the animals

At least 87 crows were found dead yesterday in Groningen, Netherlands, after a tree fell due to high winds. Several birds were injured. So animal ambulance staff expect the number of dead animals to rise, reports.

When the tree exploded in Helperzoom (Groningen) yesterday afternoon, a local resident immediately called an animal ambulance because she knew that many crows often remained in the tree. Rescuers got out and were shocked by what they found, they wrote on Facebook.


In addition to the “large number of dead crows”, the ambulance crew found live birds fighting for their survival under the branches of a fallen tree. Some crows were even floundering in the water. “Terrible,” the animal ambulance arrow.

Live crows were collected between the twigs and out of the water and taken to the vet. Unfortunately for some of them it was already too late. The injuries were so severe that the vet decided to put the birds to sleep. Slightly injured crows need to calm down before being helped.


Animal ambulance assistance has been feasible for the vast majority of Groningen crows. “Amazed fellows have returned with bags containing 87 dead crows that they should have picked up from the ground,” the organization wrote on Facebook. However, the organization is also happy with what it has been able to do with “mind to zero” for the still alive “victims of the storm”.

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