More than six in ten Britons rate Brexit negatively: ‘Even a large minority of Leave voters say things are going badly’


More than six in ten Britons have a negative opinion of Britain’s exit from the European Union, or believe that exit from the European Union is worse than expected. This is evident from a survey conducted by the research institute Opinium commissioned by The Observer, the results of which were published at Christmas. About 1,900 adults were interviewed.

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About a quarter (26 per cent) think Brexit has gone worse than currently expected. And 35 per cent already predicted that Brexit would end badly, and that prediction was confirmed. Only 14 per cent think Britain would have come out of it better by stepping back on itself.

About a year ago, Britain called the European Union a customs union. Officially, Brexit took effect on January 31, 2020, but the transition period lasted until the end of last year with almost the same rules as before. A few days before the split, London and Brussels agreed on a joint trade agreement.

according to observer In fact, 42% of those who voted to leave the European Union in the Brexit referendum now have a negative rating. “We’re now seeing a significant minority of exit voters saying things are getting worse, or at least worse than expected,” said Adam Drummond of Opinium. Instead of two closed blocs of opponents and supporters of Brexit, the latter group is now more divided.

The consequences of Brexit have been clear in recent months. Not only were there empty shelves in supermarkets, but gas stations were also on dry ground due to a shortage of truck drivers. Before leaving the EU, these drivers often came from Eastern Europe, and now the freedom of movement of workers has ended. There is also a shortage of employment in other occupations in the service sector in Great Britain.

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