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At Gamekings, we are actively playing four MMO’s. We don’t have more time. Plus it’s the best MMO in our opinion. These are World of Warcraft (Steven), Final Fantasy (Daan and Koos), Elder Scroll’s Online (Daan), and Black Desert Online (Steven). Every now and then we pay attention to these games. In this video we do just that with Black Desert Online. A new expansion has been released and it’s the perfect time to pick up the thread again. The expansion is called Land of the Morning Light and it’s been available for PC since last week. A console version will follow later.

The land of morning light is full of Korean legends

In this video, we briefly explain what kind of MMO Black Desert Online is, what DLC it is and whether you can still join the Korean game as a newcomer at the moment. Because this is a problem for many players. The interest in participating in an MMO is there, but people are afraid that they won’t get into the story anymore if they don’t play from the start. Is this also the case with Black Desert Online? The new DLC takes you to new territory filled with authentic stories inspired by Korean culture. The expansion departs from the regular monsters found in the base game and introduces eight challenging bosses that players must defeat at the end of each story.

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Try the base game of Black Desert Online and the DLC for free for seven days

If you want to try out Black Desert Online and its DLC, you can do so for free for seven days. All you have to do is click this connection clicked. Then you can start right away.

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