Most American voters consider both Biden and Trump mentally unfit for a second term US presidential elections

American voters are generally skeptical about whether US President Joe Biden is mentally fit for a second term, and most feel the same about his potential presidential election rival, Donald Trump. This is clear from a poll published by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

64 percent of participants said that Biden is mentally unfit to run for another term. For Trump, the percentage was 51 percent.

The mental fitness of the 81-year-old Biden emerged after Special Adviser Robert Hoare described him as an “old man with a weak memory” in his report this month. The president responded to these allegations and appears to be continuing his re-election campaign.

Trump, 77, is now ahead of the current president in most opinion polls. The national Quinnipiac poll is an exception: Biden won it by four percentage points over Trump, even though two-thirds of voters say they think Biden is too old to serve another full term in the White House.

In the Economist/YouGov poll, also released on Wednesday, Biden is one percentage point behind Trump. Quinnipiac and YouGov are both respected pollsters.

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