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Photo by Tanya Daigle/The Allen Institute

what do we see? Essential neon artwork? No, what we’re seeing is a brain slice from a genetically modified mouse, a mouse that has been manipulated to transfer a portion of the sea anemone gene into its DNA. And what can anemones do? It glows orange-red in the dark—just like neurons in the motor cortex of the mouse brain here.

The image is from the scientific journal temper nature, which announced this week that the brain is made up of many different types of cells than previously thought. The motor cortex alone — the part of the brain that controls movements, from running to knitting — contains 116 different types of cells, each with slightly different functions. To date, only a few cell types are known.

Mega search about any temper nature A message (comprising 250 scientists from a variety of disciplines) performed on rats, humans, and monkeys, a small species of monkey. The goal is to create a complete brain atlas, Google Maps of the (human) brain. This makes it easy to navigate there. For doctors, for example, they are looking for the cause of the disease.

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