“Much more than just a cookbook”

With Live Healthy, nutritionist and best-selling author Sandra Beccari presents an updated version of her Sana Method, which has helped thousands of people achieve a healthier lifestyle over the past 15 years. In this clear, practical guide she explains that healthy living is more fun and easier than you think.

In recent years, many new scientific ideas have emerged about nutrition, exercise, and health. Sandra boils this down to three pillars: healthy eating, smart exercise, and optimal charging. Live(s) in good health It is now her twelfth complete book. “An extra special book,” she says. “With a complete update to the Sanaa Method, which has been around for fifteen years. My books used to contain a lot of dishes and ideas about nutrition, with a small portion of exercise. But now movement has become a pillar in itself. It also contains a lot of information about “Sleep and relaxation are very important in these hectic times. Many people nowadays suffer from chronic stress, which is detrimental to their health. This book is a complete guide to a healthier life. So it is much more than just a cookbook.”

Your books have long featured quick, achievable dishes. Your tips for a different lifestyle seem very possible too.

“Beats. The introduction clearly states that nothing is required. There are also no impossible tasks in the book. These are often small tips that you can start with, which also have an immediate effect. This way you can start sitting for less time. Sitting for long periods is harmful Cheers. You can take from the book things that are achievable at this moment in your life and still make a difference.

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Optimal shipping is the third pillar in your book. Exactly what does that mean?

“I’ve mentioned the topics of stress and sleep in my books in the past. But now I’ll provide a practical guide. The best way to do this is to take time for yourself, dare to say no more often, not have to be always available, get ready for bed, and even socialize. It is scientifically proven that spending time with friends and family is very important for a happy life. This social connection gives energy. While scrolling on your phone, constant presence and sitting at your computer until late at night consumes energy and causes increased cortisol levels. In this book I describe the picture Complete in terms of health: not only healthy eating, but also plenty of exercise, good sleep, and living with less stress. I call it my life’s work. I have been working on this book for thirty years, and I have collected all my new scientific experiences and ideas in this book That also makes it very special to me; you don’t write a book like this every year. I want to make people aware of the fact that they should take good care of themselves. You can be lucky with your genes, but that’s only about 20 percent. A healthy lifestyle and environment Health care constitutes 80 percent of this percentage.”

Delicious and quick dishes have always been the basis of your books. How quickly do you come up with new dishes?

“Thanks to my years of experience, it’s much smoother than before. I have more control over it and that means I can be more creative in coming up with new dishes. I always like it when people say my dishes are tastier. This means that not only has Sana’s method evolved, but I evolved too.

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“Long Live Healthy” (Borgerhoff & Lamberigts) has been on sale since last week and costs 27.50 euros.

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