Much relaxation at the Curaக்கோao European Championships in the second half of June, perhaps on the big screens

Says comment maker Sivert von Lyndon Follow Money (FTM) He has மில்லியன் 9 million left over from his controversial mask deal with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. According to FTM intelligence reporters, he sent the money to a private holding company. This construction is commonly used to make assets invisible.

Both of Van Linden’s two business partners raised around மில்லியன் 5 million. These sums have been confirmed by business partners and Van Lyndon.

The Relief Products Coalition PV, founded by three companies, delivered 40 million medical masks for 100 million euros last year. Van Lyndon appeared that the deal was concluded on a non-profit basis and was the result of social engagement.

‘Disaster media storm’

Doubts arose later about this. Until now, Van Lyndon did not want to fully open things up in his own words because of the secrecy divisions.

In an article on FTM, Van Lyndon says that the deal got more than originally thought. This will be the result of “a number of external factors including exchange rates, strong quality management, falling raw material prices and achieved purchase benefits”.

He also says he wants to eventually give 9 million “a social purpose.” But it is still questionable whether the full amount will go there. “Whether it can be fully realized depends on the current disastrous media storm for my career,” says Van Lyndon.

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