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Thirteen museums in Leiden opened their doors on the night of the Museum at night from Saturday to Sunday. This year’s theme is “Deja Vu”.

The festive start was held at the Beestenmarkt with a performance by the band “Jolly Mangos”. While the feet were lifted off the ground on one side of the box, a line formed on the other side for the “Future Operating Room”. This glass building was created by a collaboration between LUMC and Corpus.

The audience was introduced to innovative surgical techniques in the field of oncology. Here, an explanation of the recognition and treatment of tumors by 3D imaging and the game Doctor Bibber Black Light is presented.

Several demonstrations were given at the well-visited Rijksmuseum Boerhaave. In the central hall, for example, a “face-to-face” photo can be taken by enlarging the iris. A little patience was necessary due to the long line, but the end result was well worth it. A few meters away, in the anatomical theater, a heron was expertly dissected by a poultry vet. An interesting and informative little lecture explaining the difference between birds and mammals; How does a bird fly, how does it breathe and how do they differ?

Beautiful presentation of the Leiden theater group Domino played at the Musée de Lakenhal. Tonight they created true deja vu by depicting the history of Leiden here.

At the National Museum of Antiquities, many stood and watched for a moment. Three huge phoenixes, depicted by actors on stilts, with a musician giving a wonderful theatrical performance in the Great Hall.

Moreover, at Hortus Botanicus, the workshop of Salsa was presented in an entire hall. Abroad, two DJs played well-known dance classics.

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Those who walked further through the beautiful Hortus Garden could enjoy Leiden Melle singer’s performance afterward. He performed beautiful songs for an intimate audience.

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