Music is good for mental and physical health

We include the advantages.

American scientists once again confirm what many researchers have long suspected: listening to music and making it good for your mental health. But this time there is an additional positive result: According to these researchers, music is also beneficial for your physical health. The results have been published in Harvard Health. While the mental health benefits are more obvious than the physical health benefits, music benefits both. So it doesn’t matter whether you listen to music or make it yourself.

The benefits are mainly expressed in a better quality of life, because music makes you happy and produces memories. The main health benefits that researchers found? We put them straight!

  • Listening to music is good for your sleep, because a quiet playlist can help you fall asleep faster. A good night’s sleep has many health benefits – it not only makes you less tired, but also reduces your risk of mental problems and physical ailments.
  • Trade this quiet playlist for a file optimistic album, you quickly tend to dance to the beat. You subconsciously exercise a lot a day – and we probably don’t need to tell you how true that is.
  • Difficulty expressing yourself? Singing is a good way to work on this. By putting feelings into a song, you can better handle those feelings yourself and your environment understand what is going on.
  • Make sure that you not only listen to music at home, but also visit a concert. Listening to the same live music is a unique experience, making you feel a deeper connection with the people around you. The better your relationships, the happier you will be in life.
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source | Harvard Health

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