Nadiya Bakes S01: The Bread Cure At Its Best

The infectious, warm, and enthusiastic character Nadia Hussain is strewn on screen in the Nadiya Bakes eight-episode series. “Let’s bake, eat and be happy.” In the series, Nadia prepares delicious and sweet dishes and returns to her first true love: bread. From everyday desserts to elaborate desserts to share, Nadia passionately takes the viewer, from baking basics to her signature transformations.

The series is organized like a classic cooking show: three recipes created in a beautiful open kitchen. From special cupcakes and scones to pizza buns and stuffed chicken brownies, Nadia has it all. “Bread is my happy place.” The winner on The Great British Bake Off 2015 has spoken publicly about her ongoing struggle with anxiety and panic disorder and even made a documentary about it. For her, bread gives her peace, and with the series she also wants to take the scenes to her happy place. And it works.

In each episode it also sets the stage for UK bakers and pastry chefs who admire it. And it is not surprising that not all of the people she chose for this purpose are white. Presented will be expert chocolatier Anish Popat, Mel Feuelle expert Ravnett Gil and pastry chef Nastasja Lucingo. It is important to show the diversity of British bakers, because in cooking programs there are often white people who gain “the experience” around classic (British) recipes.

For this reason, and through her personal stories of how she grew up with British classics but with a Bangladeshi and South Asian development, she shows that her experience is British too. Recipes have it too.

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With comments like “Spices don’t just belong to salty. Who said that?” Why the debate between cream and jam? Who cares how you eat it? It also challenges the viewer to think differently about the classics and not be afraid to do what you want. Isn’t that what it should be like to eat and cook?

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