NASA finds mysterious clues on Mars

© NASA/JPL-Caltech

A recent image taken by NASA of perseverance on Mars has raised some speculation. The photo, taken in a place the rover has never visited, shows a pile of wires. The photo was taken on July 12 and immediately sparked some discussion.

source: CNN

Fortunately, NASA was able to quickly clarify the mystery. According to the US space program, it is a wire leftover that was loosened during the descent of the rover. The wire can be from the tenacity itself or from the landing gear. Perhaps the wind blew the wire where the rover had never come before. When the rover returned four days later to the same spot where the photo was taken, the wires were gone.

Nor is it the first time a rover has encountered material from its landing gear. NASA earlier published a picture of shiny flakes on Mars. The space program thought the rover’s thermal blanket was also released during the descent. And in April, images appeared that looked like a flying object had crashed into Mars. After that, NASA clarified that it was also about the landing gear at that time. Then the rover’s canopy clearly appeared.

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