Netflix Android Test Timer, this is how it works

Netflix has started a global timer roll out on Android. It is part of a new test.

Isn’t it using a timer to keep track of whether eggs have actually been cooked? Netflix also seems to see opportunities in this app. Of course, this requires a little explanation. Today, the US Broadcasting Service began rolling out testing on its mobile operating system Google.

With a timer, Netflix wants to help viewers put a stop. Suppose you have to go somewhere at 16:00 and it is 15:25 at that moment, you still have a good half hour to melt time. By setting a timer, you can watch Netflix without worrying about time. Of course you can also set a timer independently via the standard app on Male in appearanceBut this is a little cumbersome.

You can set a time of 15, 30 or 45 minutes as a maximum. Unfortunately, it is possible to enter a time to enter yourself. This is still a test so maybe this will change at a future point. Although the timer can now be found exclusively on the Android version of Netflix, the feature will roll out to other platforms. The timer can be found at the top-right of NetflixImplementation When watching a series or movie. (Across the edge)

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