Netflix begins game tests on your Smart TV and PC

Netflix has had Netflix games for about two years now that you can play games on your smartphone via the app. Netflix Games now wants to expand to smart TVs and PCs. The first tests began this week in Canada and the United Kingdom.

what mentioned before: Netflix games He already has one Comprehensive catalog of mobile games. Some of them are standard games, while others are based on Netflix shows. Recently launched another one game based on Too hot to handle. Right now, all Netflix games are only available on smartphones, but that might change soon.

News: Netflix began testing this week with a small number of users in Canada and the United Kingdom. They can now use Netflix Games on smart TV and online at When you use Netflix Games on TV, you use your smartphone as a console. On the computer, you play with your keyboard and mouse.

more details: At the moment, two games are being tested in Canada and the UK: oxygenfree And Mining adventure.

  • If tests in both regions are positive, Netflix Games for PC and Smart TV will expand to other countries.
  • “By making our games available on different devices, we hope to make them easier for users to play,” said Mike Verdu, President, Netflix Games. “We’re still in the early stages of our gaming story, but we’re thrilled to be able to provide more fun for our members through games. We look forward to receiving feedback from our testers and will provide more information as we move forward.”
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In the tube: Netflix Games currently consists of 70 mobile games. Netflix hopes to have that number 95 by the end of the year.

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