Netflix features our top 10 most watched movies and series

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Not sure which movie or series you want to watch on Netflix? Then it can be helpful to know which content is viewed the most.

Netflix has him alone Blog It announced that it will be rolling out the top 10 lists worldwide as of today. More specifically, it concerns the ten most popular or most watched series at the moment. CEO Reed Hastings already stated in a letter to investors in April that Netflix wants to make it easier for its users to choose new content from a wide variety. If a lot of people watch a particular series or movie, it must be fine, right?

Netflix has been testing the feature in the UK and Mexico for several months. The positive feedback she received made Netflix decide to move it to other countries as well. We just tested it, and it is already available in Belgium.

Original content

The top ten will contain a mix between Netflix originals and content for which it licensed. For now, however, we’re seeing original content dominating the lists, in part because Netflix has recently lost several headlines from competing platforms. To make it stand out, the frame has been redesigned to make it stand out from the rest. Any content that is included on the list will also receive a special badge. The list is also updated every day.

These are the most popular shows in Belgium today.

Want to know what the most popular series and movies are on Netflix Belgium today? Then simply click on the “TV Shows” or “Movies” tab and scroll down a bit. To get more inspiration for what you want to watch tonight or tomorrow, you can always view an overview of new content that will be released in March.

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If the production is in the top ten, then it is “rewarded” with a special tag.

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