Netflix is ​​producing an athletics series in the style of Drive to Survive

There are a few series about running, but Netflix has a project in the works that tracks some of the fastest athletes in the world. The six-part series will premiere in 2024.

A new Netflix series about athletics

The title of the series is not yet known, but it revolves around the lives of top athletes from the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Ivory Coast and Jamaica. The series offers an exclusive look behind the scenes. The focus is on the “high stakes and mental toughness of runners who dedicate their entire lives to achieving record times, while their careers are decided in milliseconds,” according to US media.

Driving to survive

The project is being produced by Box to Box Films, the creators of other sports-focused docuseries such as Driving to survive, full swing And break point. particularly Driving to survive It greatly affected the popularity of Formula 1. In the United States, race day ticket sales and ratings increased after the first season aired.

Filmed during the World Cup in Budapest

During the World Championships in Athletics in Budapest, many documentaries were filmed. However, Netflix has not yet announced who will stand out in this competitive field. It remains an American production, but since TeamNL managed to collect a record number of medals during the World Cup, we hope our Dutch athletes will also be part of the series. Even if only with the dramatic falls of Sifan Hassan and Phimke Paul, who cost two more medals.

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