Netflix, WhatsApp and Samsung S23 FE (Android News #21 2023)

WhatsApp now lets you edit sent messages and Netflix charges extra for account sharing. This is the top Android news of the week.

Read on after the announcement.

The cost of sharing a Netflix account in the Netherlands and Belgium is €3.99

If you want to stream Netflix, but you don’t live at the address you opted out of, you have to pay an additional €3.99 per month. This can be useful if you share the account with family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances, for example.

Netflix wants to generate additional income using this base which they have now lost. The accounts are shared collectively, which means that many people pay a small amount just to watch movies and series. In Belgium, the additional cost will also be 3.99 € per account, but subscription prices there are higher than in the Netherlands anyway.

→ This is how Netflix determines if you have to pay extra

This is how to edit sent messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, but it often lags behind in implementing new features. Recently, the company behind the chat app announced that it has come up with a much-requested feature.

The feature to edit messages after they’ve been sent is now rolling out. For the time being only for the so-called beta testers, but soon also for all other WhatsApp users. Are you a tester and want to start sending a WhatsApp message yourself? release? Then grab your smartphone!

→ WhatsApp now lets you edit sent messages

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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S23 FE coming out in a matter of weeks

According to an unknown Twitter account, Samsung has changed its plans regarding the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE. According to previous rumors, the company will present this device at the same event as the new Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5. It is said that these devices will be presented in July or August.

Now Samsung is said to want to present the Galaxy S23 FE earlier at a separate event or possibly online. This means that the more affordable version of the Galaxy S23 will be shown in a few weeks. Sales of the Galaxy S23 series may be disappointing.

→ Samsung Galaxy S23 FE may appear soon

Smartphones are cracked in minutes, and they cost next to nothing

You may be familiar with the term “brute force”. This is a method in which hackers – via digital software – try to crack your password. Then the program tries very quickly, many passwords until it comes up with a match and you lose your login details.

The researchers have now used a similar method to bypass the more secure method of locking a smartphone, called BrutePrint. Using a physical device, researchers know how to unlock several Android smartphones with a fingerprint.

→ This is BrutePrint and this is how it works

The leaked images show the OnePlus Nord 3 design

OnePlus may soon announce a new smartphone from Nord. Images have been posted on Twitter of what will be the OnePlus Nord 3. This smartphone has been leaked before and is supposed to be the successor to last year’s popular Nord 2T. The images show the OnePlus Nord 3, with two large camera lenses on the back and two LED flashes. Package and included charger also shown.

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The smartphone has a gray case, but it is likely that it will be released in more colors. We also see the famous Alert slider and an infrared sensor. The screen has a slim bezel of 6.74 inches. This makes the Nord 3 significantly larger than the Nord 2 and 2T, which both have a 6.43-inch screen.

→ See photos of OnePlus Nord 3

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