Netflixtip van de week: Spitting Image

Channels and TV channels spread a torrent of films, series and documentaries about us. Some get immediate attention, but many are hidden in the dark. This section brings out the Netflix gem each week. This week: spitting photo

Siri : Spitting image

Makers : Roger Lou Essam.

To see : Youtube

The mock puppet show has been running for seven weeks Spitting image Once again, which attracted millions of people in the 1980s, thanks in part to Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, who both appeared in them constantly.

In the 1990s it faltered, perhaps because there were no such politicians as attracting attention. But now we have Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, and Angela Merkel. And of course it is still the English royal family.

If the beginning is not very strong, gradually the book seems to have started. The pre-election episodes were gentle and rough, and even Thatcher appeared again in Boris Johnson’s government.

The shortcoming of the series, then and now: It responds mainly to situations in the UK, which require a lot of prior knowledge from viewers elsewhere, for example about free meals at school as there is a lot to do there.

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