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There will be a new electricity connection between the Netherlands and the UK, where a Dutch offshore wind farm will also be directly connected for the first time. The submarine cable, LionLink, which is about 250 kilometers long, will be able to provide electricity to two million households by 2030.

Minister Rob Gettin (Climate and Energy) and UK colleague Grant Shapps will make the announcement on Monday afternoon at the North Sea Summit in Ostend, Belgium.

The new direct current cable is being developed by national grid operator TenneT and the British National Grid. “The North Sea will become the largest supplier of green electricity for the Netherlands and large parts of Europe,” says Minister Cetin. Close offshore wind cooperation and connectivity between North Sea countries is essential in this regard.

According to the minister, LionLink could provide approximately 2 gigawatts of electricity to both countries, “enough to power 2 million homes”. The new connection also aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase Europe’s energy independence and increase security of supply.

“For example, if there is a surplus of wind energy, it can be shared immediately with countries that are deficient in energy, and vice versa,” says Gettin. Connecting offshore wind farms via the first cross-border direct current cable of this size is a new step towards an integrated network in the North Sea.

By 2030, the Netherlands will have realized approximately 21 GW of offshore wind capacity and is investigating whether 50 GW in 2040 and 72 GW in 2050 are possible, also in light of physical space and environmental impact.

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