New business partner Victor Muller on UK sanctions list

The Muller sports car brand has been dormant for years and most of its business units have been declared bankrupt. But at the end of last year, it was announced that Mueller wanted to revive the company with the help of two Russian business partners. For this purpose, a contract has been concluded with Spyker Ltd. British, where the remains of the group are located.

The two Russian moneylenders, Boris Rotenberg and Mikhail Besis, are extremely wealthy. Rothenberg has been a friend of President Putin since childhood. This close relationship now appears to be costing him dearly. The businessman’s fortune is about $1.2 billion, according to Forbes business magazine. He earned this money as a banker and in the oil and gas sector.

The British government put him on the sanctions list today after Russia recognized two breakaway regions, Ukraine, as independent states yesterday, and then crossed the border with soldiers. After de Crem was included in 2014, his brother, Arkady Rothenberg, was already on the sanctions list.

‘I did not know’

The fact that Rothenberg is on the UK sanctions list also immediately means Spyker UK Limited. can not handle it. “I didn’t know that,” says Victor Muller in the first reaction. “It’s new to me.” “But I no longer find anything surprising.”

What if Spyker’s future plans fall into the water? “That might be true. If only I wasn’t just working with Rothenberg.” According to Muller, there is nothing wrong with Besis.

Muller did not want to say more about the consequences of Rothenberg’s disappearance.

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Russia, Germany and the Netherlands

Muller and his Russian partners had envisioned that Spyker could build cars in Russia and Germany in the future, with final assembly taking place in the Netherlands. The question was whether the project would actually start.

The same plans have already been announced to the world in the summer of 2020. Last year there should have been cars off the production line, but nothing happened from them.

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