New details about Rise of the Ronin have emerged

There are only a few more months left and Rise of the Ronin will be on shelves. A new RPG is currently in the works at Team Ninja and is set in early modern Japan. Thanks to the new preview Detective gameNow we know more about the address.

Rise of the Ronin takes place during the Bakumatsu period. After the arrival of Western ships in Japan, the country’s policy and leadership completely changed. The tradition contrasts with the modern vision that has led to turbulent times playing as a ronin. Ronin are called leaderless samurai. Thus, they act as a kind of mercenary, known as the Veiled Edge.

With Rise of Ronin, Team Ninja attempts to portray a slightly more realistic version of Japan than in their previous titles. Although the story is fictional, the game attempts to capture the atmosphere of Japan in 1863. You will fight against different occupiers and come face to face with historical figures.

During some conversations, you also have dialogue choices, which can affect the further course of the story. Furthermore, the choices also determine which ending you will get. What’s cool is that side quests, specific characters, and your connections to those characters can also affect the story.

In the game you can explore three cities – Yokohama, Edo, and Kyoto – which are connected to each other across a large area that you can freely explore. And where you can defeat bandits more than once. By the way, the combat is similar to that in Nioh. This gives you access to different types of weapons, in addition to firearms. The difficulty level is challenging, but slightly lower than Nioh.

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This all sounds great, doesn’t it? Rise of the Ronin will be available on shelves starting March 22.

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